Litigation Support

Do you have a customer involved in a lawsuit? Do you need the support of an independent, objective and neutral expert? Whether you need an expert to testify in Court, a report as a supporting document or negotiation support, we have the experts you need to assist you in this situation.


  • Quantification of damages
  • Disagreement between partners and/or business owners
  • Separation and divorce, which involves a business owner or a self-employed worker
  • The mandate can be given by one or both of the parties involved

Contact us to discuss your needs and the appropriate service for you, whether it is:

  • Guidance to prepare a witness or expert’s examination
  • Guidance to prepare a settlement conference
  • Advice and support to negotiate an agreement
  • Expert’s report
Ligitation support

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We can help you with the following mandates:

  • Provide a business’ fair market value
  • Determine the available incomes for spousal or child support payments
  • Evaluate economic loss caused by a breach of contract, or any other situation
  • Produce a personal injury losses’ report
  • Evaluate contingent liabilities in investments, including business shares in a partnership
  • Support in the preparation of the Net Family Property Statement
  • Give a second opinion on an existent report to inform you of the next steps
  • Comment another expert’s report
  • Discuss with the other party’s expert to reach an agreement on the fair market value or on the amount of available income for support payment purposes
  • Evaluate assets and liabilities, with the help of another expert if necessary
  • Help you understand complex organizational structures
  • Help you through a settlement conference
  • Help you for the examination of an expert
  • Testify as an expert in Court


Some experts on our staff also have experience in mediation.

What is our cost?

Our services start at $ 3,000. Depending on your needs, we will propose the right service at an affordable price. Our assistance in your specific situation will be well worth the investment.

The summary calculation of value report includes a 12 to 17 pages report. If you need thorough analysis, we can provide other types of reports.

Are you an accountant or a business owner? Are you in a situation in which we could help you? If you don’t know what to do next, we can guide you. Call us to discuss your situation, it will be a pleasure to hear from you. Do not hesitate, we offer a FREE estimate and service proposal!